FMF Tactical Factory

Production equipped with cutting-edge multi-axis multi-spindle CNC milling and turning machinery. Manufactured parts are treated by a variety of hardening coatings which increase the durability and overall product reliability. All rifle parts manufactured on our own customized high-end CNC machines which guarantees the quality and precise tolerances that are essential to the excellence of the product.

Based on the previously gained experience in the field of precision rifles manufacturing, our team have developed new and advanced barrel manufacturing technology. Patented, electrochemical technology allows to rifle and chamber the barrel simultaneously with virtually zero tolerances and significant uniformity by applying basically no mechanical stress on the metal. This stressless rifling and chambering technology is a leap forward in barrels manufacturing.


Mission Statement

Our mission: Within the framework of our activities we underline our interests in shifting forward firearms design and manufacturing methods. Being involved in the field of precision rifles manufacturing and having solid experience in design and metal working technologies development, our team is in a unique position to apply our expertise to make an innovative product. This includes, not only the technical tools capacities, but also product accuracy, safety and ergonomics. Our company is founded by weapon specialists and professionals, and therefore has in-depth knowledge and experience in solving technical challenges such as all of the above. We strive for innovation and its' implementation so that our customers can thrive from those results.

Company Vision
We are FMF Tactical — A dedicated team to bring innovation to firearms manufacturing.

Core Values
We value accuracy, quality, excellence, trust, creativity, experience, commitment, professionalism, integrity and innovation. We value our people and believe in our common success.

Moral compass
Our Moral Compass is to be compared to our national laws and regulations, as well as international laws and regulations in regards to weapons trafficking. We strictly adhere to those laws and therefore do not discriminate against any customers to whom the sale of arms is covered by those same international laws. We are an equal opportunity merchant, not bound by religion, politics or any other subjective issues, other than applicable law.


Michael Yudelson
Chairman and CEO

Michael came into firearms business after completing his career in aviation as a fighter pilot and business aviation pilot and CEO of a private aviation airline. Believes in and has developed innovative products and production technologies. Michael holds a Doctorate in law, as well as an aeronautics and space engineering degree. He is not like most CEOs to be found in suit and tie in a board room, but rather in a workman's suit, on the factory floor amongst his trusted engineers, with his hands inside a rifle. He is ‘hands on’ and constantly seeking to improve, develop and innovate.

"Our approach is to invest in new technologies and to develop prototypes to understand technologies’ potential, aside from our innovative products, our approach is to think "outside the box", for us actually, there is no box, we are not improving old designs but create entirely new and innovative systems. In the industry, we are not followers; we don’t just copy what everyone else has been doing for the past 150 years. We are leaders and we are here to be the fountain head of something entirely new."

Herbert Scheiring
General Director

Precision Exclusiveness, Quality under this motto for the past 35 years Herbert Sheiring’s company hand crafted state of the art hunting rifles, shotguns and stutzers for demanding individual customers. With the upmost respect and appreciation for Ferlacher traditional firearms craftsmanship Herbert is enthusiastic to bring in, the tradition and craftsmanship, generational experience and combine it with highly innovative, hi-tech and modern manufacturing techniques.

Herbert is the essence, where tradition meets hi-tech.


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